Southwest Airlines special livery in Infinite flight

I think Infinite flight should add more Southwest Airlines Special liveries

my favorite Southwest Airlines Special livery is California one

If you want a specific livery, please make a request in the #features category

Hello there! Thanks for the input, but the #features category would be more suited for such requests. Feel free to make a topic there when you reach TL2.

For more information about TLs, refer to the topic I’ve linked below.

Hey there, feel free to vote for some of them that I’ve linked down below:

Southwest Maryland One Livery

Southwest Boeing 737-700 Triple Crown One livery

Southwest Airlines - 737-700 - California One Livery

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-7H4 “Arizona One” Livery

Southwest Airlines Florida One 737-700

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 Missouri One


Check out highlighted post. Thanks all!