Southwest Airlines Schedule Extension | 6/28/18

Southwest Airlines Schedule Extension - 6/28/18


Today, Southwest Airlines extended their schedule for the Winter Months… But instead of increased service, we saw a big decrease in many popular routes…

Why the big decrease?

What Could Be Next?

• Hawaii?
• Caribbean Expansion?
• South America?

Previous Schedule Extensions:


Yeah… I wish they’d return Flights to FLL from MHT. It was very short lived. Hoping it’ll be back next April

My money is on hawaii. It’s a popular winter destination, so it makes sense.

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I think that they should do the Caribbean and Hawaii both generates good money for both the east and west coast


Southwest already flies to parts of the caribbean. Not every spot though. Also there are already competition to the Caribbean from Spirit and a JetBlue that offer low prices. Other airlines offer flights from surrounding airports (miami) to the Caribbean as well. (american)

This is already confirmed.

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Is there someware you can find the new scedual?

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On booking sites and look for general changes

When will it launch?

That would be a good idea because KMHT could use some more routes! And seasonal flights are irritating.

It went from Early April to Early May, so only for like a month, it was also a Saturday only Flight to FLL. I’d be amazing if they would return the FLL route so I can fly to FLL instead of MIA

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Or couldn’t you simply transfer at BWI or Orlando?

KOKC-KDCA will be starting November 4.

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