Southwest Airlines ramp agent pay?

Hi, I’ve been looking online trying to see how much a ramp agent for WN makes an hour, but I can’t seem to find it. Most websites like glassador ask you to sign in, and Indeed is confusing.

Anyone here a WN ramp agent? I’d like to know before I apply, as my local airport (MHT) is hiring for a ramp agent for WN.

Also, I applied for CSR a couple of days ago, as they’re hiring at my airport, and I jumped into the opportunity quick.

I also heard that training is in Dallas, TX. Why? Can’t I learn this stuff at my own airport?

Not Related to WN, but I also applied for DGS at my airport. Haven’t heard back in a bit. Should I be worried? Same for Southwest. I applied last Saturday, Jul 7, 2018 and haven’t heard back. Should I worry?


I’d expect at least 5 business days.

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I want to apply for Ramp agent, though my Mom heavily disagrees since she wants me to have weekends and holidays off.

If I work as a ramp agent, I’d be similar to my current job, except instead of Pushing Carts all day, I’d be working on loading and offloading luggage, Marshalling, and all that fancy shenanigans a Ramp agent does.

Also is it weekly pay? I don’t really want salary pay, that definitely won’t interest me if they do salary pay.


Honestly, if it does pay more I’d go for it.

What’s that?
Isn’t Holiday a sauce?

Pay wise: Probably about 8 - 10 bucks an hour

But I make 11/h at my current job. Why 9-10/h?

It’s a level entry job. Airport jobs like that don’t pay a lot.

I started off as a ramp rat with Swissport made like 8 bucks an hour.

My job is also an entry level job. I’m confused. Why would I get paid more to push carts than work on an airplane? Plus you’re literally feet away from a massaive engine that can suck you in.

I almost get hit by cars where I work, and yet I make 11/h.

This is confusing.

Just how it is.
Once you get into a more technical field like Load Master, Operations, Management positions the money increases.

SWA as with most airlines have a union. Pretty sure SWA is still under TWU555 contract. Their pay scale will be in the link below.

Looks like you get a pay raise every 6 months so that’s good.


But can’t my current experience help me get better pay? Can I at least get $1 more? I’ve worked through blizzards and stuff, so I’m already used to outside conditions.

All training is done in Dallas that the main hub .Ramp agents are a union job who work under a contract so pay varies from yr to yr . As in you get a raise every year till you top out. Days off and holidays are awarded by seniority and vacation.

Possibly could, my experience before I went to Swissport didn’t help. Once I got to Atlas and Air Canada that’s where it helped

Everyone starts at the bottom regardless of experience,but with that experience you become a supervisor faster if there is a position available. It’s not unheard of people hired and become supervisor after probation. It all depends on the need at your station.

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Possibly means it might not work.

I think I’ll have to stick to what i currently applied for. Thanks for your answer.

Also, @DeerCrusher that site has too many numbers, and it’s kinda confusing as well for me. Thanks for the help though :)

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It’s a great way to get into the industry - It’s a low paying job, where you’ll work a ton. It has benefits if you get with an airlines.
I do miss working with the jets but I also love my pay at the current moment and being non unionized lol

When I worked for Swissport the Union Fee was so much I actually owed Swissport money

That’s kinda not fair for me, as I worked in outside conditions. I’ve done carryouts for customers where I lift items almost 50lb myself (though mostly a team lift is required).

Saying that I’ll have to lose almost $1-$2 turns me away from applying to that position.

On the other hand, I applied at DSG since it’s starting pay is $12/h, what I need to at least get through by helping my family with finances

I simplified it for you. Because its not yet 2019 you would fall under the 03/01/2018 rates.

Follow the “new hire” row over to the 2018 column and you’ll find the starting pay is $12.61

After the first 6 months, you’ll get bumped up to $13.11 and so forth.


I wonder how long it’ll take until I can make nearly $30/h.

So if I apply, I’ll be making $12.61/h?

If so then I’ll be making $1.61 more than my current job, which I’ll gladly take

Looks like starting off if that’s accurate it’s 12.61 which isn’t bad!