Southwest Airlines Livery Tracking Thread

if it were ryanair prices it would actually be dirt cheap


Caught two in one day at one place


Ex-Southwest 737-300, N617SW as a Fire Fighter Tanker now re-registered as N137CG. We can expect to see Ex-Southwest 737-7H4,

N7841A to meet the same fate soon.

Yep. 1 of 10 Southwest 737-700s getting new life after retirement



Considering BWI is one of Southwest’s busiest focus cities, special liveries are a common sight there. I’ve seen at least one every time I’ve flown into there. A few years ago I even saw four in one day!

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Found Florida One at Phoenix Sky Harbor!

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Because I’m a lovable tyrant. LOL


ClassicAirlinerLover: The Lovable Tyrant

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This one came in the other day, i missed it

Hopefully one of the ex-specials liveries get a second life with those freighters. Heck hopefully the last two blue canyon retros N786SW and N7813P get a second life with them.

I still need to catch the Lone Star One and Triple Crown on the 800. I haven’t caught those two yet.

So far I’ve seen:

N871HK (Desert Gold livery)

N872CB (Canyon Blue livery)

Imua One

Colorado One

Arizona One

Tennessee One


I’ve also seen a Max winglet painted slightly differently on N8717M

Here’s what the winglet normally looks like


N8717M was recently repainted in May. Perhaps the newly repainted MAX’s are starting to receive fully painted winglets now?

Or perhaps it was a goof?

Possibly just one of the many quirks that aircraft have in Southwest’s fleet

Well only a few MAX’s have received their second repaints so far, a few of the earlier 87** tails including Imua One (the first). So perhaps the few that have been repainted have each received fully painted winglets.

Something to keep an eye on I suppose.

For reference, only four MAX’s have received their second repaints so far: N8705Q, N8710M, N8713M, and N8717M.

I’ve looked at some of the newest Max 8s to be delivered to Southwest in the last couple of months and they don’t have the winglets fully painted like N8717M so it might be a quirk with that aircraft. I didn’t see the other side so I’m not sure if it was just the right side or both

Could be, but also keep in mind that Southwest uses IAC in Spokane for their fleet repaints. All of the brand new MAX’s get painted in-house at Boeing’s facility in Renton. So you’ve got two different companies/facilities doing the painting and perhaps Spokane is doing it a bit different than Renton.

Just some more inconsistency for ya.

Just an example of a couple inconsistencies between the in-house brand new MAX’s vs. the more recently repainted aircraft that I’ve noticed:

The first photo is N8920Q, a brand new MAX 8 painted in Renton. It has a different tail number font than N8641B in the second photo, an aircraft that was recently repainted in Spokane. Also, you have to have a good eye to tell the next one, but the tail striping curve continues through the vertical stabilizer on 8920. On 8641, the subtle curve on the vertical stabilizer is a straight line. It’s easier to tell if you tilt your phone and look straight down the tail.

A little thing I also noticed from Imua One was the little vent thing on top of the engine is painted unlike the normal Max 8s that have it polished

Also checked that N871HK and N872CB have it polished as well, making N8710M the only Max 8 in Southwest’s fleet (that I’m aware of) that has that part painted