Southwest Airlines Livery Tracking Thread

anyone know why freedom one has been in Dallas for the last 15 days?

Might be a problem with the plane because if theres no registered flights for it then it must not be safe to fly, not the exact reason why but it might be

I was just about to bring this up lol. I’m guessing the aircraft is going through some heavy maintenance. Not sure what though


Likely heavy MX


Is southwest still planning on taking the max 7 or have they switched to the max 8?

they have orders for hundreds of max 7s. they are definitely taking them


Took this picture in November of 2022 and i believe this was around the time the Desert Gold Retro debuted on the MAX 8 but I didn’t realize that i also caught all three Southwest schemes at once. Heart Livery on the far Left, Desert Gold Livery in the Middle and Blue Canyon on the far Right!


caught heart one for the first time in a while last night

didn’t even realize she was coming in


Cali one is not the most appealing on the b738 imo, I feel like it’s too bland and too much white space. Now I can’t wait for Maryland one on the B738

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Uhh Arizona One going here in two days. Is it for a repaint or just a random flight?

That’s a routine flight. GSP has been in the route system for a little while now.

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Southwest currently repaints their aircraft in Spokane (GEG). Any aircraft that spend around a week or so there are most likely repaints.

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Ah alright. Yeah i was just curious and worried since i haven’t caught a landing of Arizona One yet.

Looks like N792SW was just retired. If true then only five 737s with the N7XXSW registrations left. N785SW, N786SW, N788SA, N791SW and N793SA.

Not sure what’s going on here, but most WN aircraft fly to BHM for retirement. GEG is used for repaints. I doubt N792SW is getting a repaint given its age, but who knows.

It’s now currently showing a planned flight on Saturday, June 8 according to FR24.

N792SW departed Spokane this morning and has returned to normal service after a few days of inactivity. Unlikely a repaint, possibly a touch up of some sort, but not retired.

Starting my own Southwest model self. Just got Imua One and waiting for New Mexico One, 2nd desert gold livery on the 727, and possibly a Max 7 🤞


N792SW back in service. At least I’ll have some time to catch it. Current goal is to get the remaining N7XXSW that are left.

Saw Tennessee One fly over in the distance couldn’t get a picture of it though

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N560WN is the only Ex-Alaska 737 that is in service with Southwest. Wonder if it will eventually get retired soon or not.