Southwest Airlines Livery Tracking Thread

[Part 2]:

Triple Crown One: 737-3H4 N647SW 6/9/1997 repainted 3/28/2015: 737-7H4 N409WN 5/22/2015, repainted heart 2/21/24: 737-8H4 N8681M

Nevada One: 737-7H4 N727SW 6/21/1999 retired 11/4/2022: 737-8H4 N8646B 5/16/2023

New Mexico One: 737-7H4 N781WN 8/30/2000, retired 6/17/23: 737-8H4 N8665D 7/13/23

Maryland One: 737-7H4 N214WN 6/14/2005

Herbert Kelleher: 737-7H4 N711HK 7/8/2005 retired 3/11/2022: 737-MAX 8 N871HK 11/15/2022

Slam Dunk One: 737-7H4 N224WN 11/3/2005 repainted blue 10/11/2010

Gold retro: 737-7H4 N714CB 4/10/2007 retired 5/13/2022

Illinois One: 737-7H4 N918WN 4/14/2008 returned to lessor 11/20/2020: 737-8H4 N8619F 9/26/2022

Florida One: 737-7H4 N945WN 4/23/2010

Colorado One: 737-7H4 N230WN 8/22/2012

Penguin One: 737-7H4 N280WN 6/20/2013 repainted Missouri One 4/15/2015 Missouri One: 737-7H4 N280WN 4/15/2015

Tennessee One: 737-7H4 N922WN 2/22/2016 repainted heart livery 2/22/2021: 737-8H4 N8620H 9/3/2022

Louisiana One: 737-7H4 N946WN 3/7/2018

Freedom One: 737-8H4 N500WR 6/18/2021

Colleen Barrett: 737-MAX 8 N872CB canyon blue retro 11/23/22

Imua One: 737-MAX 8 N8710M 4/29/2023

You’re missing some. You’re missing N909WN witch was Don’t miss a beat and it is now in the Heart Livery
N7816B Disney COCO Livery. now in the Heart Livery.
N954WN Disney World Livery Now in the Heart Livery.
N406WN Trolls Band Together Livery now in the Heart Livery
N8891Q Destination 225 sticker and looks like they recently took it off.


You also missed N871HK 💀

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I actually did add it. It’s on the part 2 one

Oh yeah i forgot about those. my mistake.

Oh yea. Must have over looked it

I feel like it would’ve been much easier to just list all of the current special livery aircraft rather than all the ones that have existed throughout history. Some of those like the Coco, WDW 50th, and Trolls were just temporary wraps that didn’t even last a whole year.

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Not sure if anybody found out but iAero Airways is operating their last flights this upcoming Saturday after filing for bankruptcy a few months ago. They still have a few ex-Southwest 737s flying so be sure to catch those while you can!

First four (except the second one)

NG Models released New Mexico One in 1/200 this morning

My wallet will not be happy after this one but it must be done!

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GeminiJets just posted the photo of their Nevada One 1:400 model for anyone interested. Looks pretty good.

I don’t normally buy the 1:400’s, so I’m waiting for them to release the 1:200 model of it. I really want this model since I’ve had the opportunity to fly on Nevada One twice now. Also, still waiting for Imua One in the 1:200…

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You should wait for NG Models to release this in 1/200. Their mould for the 737 is a lot better than Gemini’s. They released New Mexico One today in 1/200 and I’d imagine they will have more special liveries coming


RIP IAero just got rid of N627SW (ex Silver One) earlier today… now at Marana AZ

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not just silver one

like their entire fleet


that might explain a lot

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Yeah just posted that

Yeah rip, I hope that either Kalitta Air Charters II, Amazon Air, WestJet or even Alaska get ahold of their DHL 737-800 Freighters

Was looking through some pictures on google and found that on this one particular former iAero Airways 734 [N545CC] that the wheels are blue colored. Gave my Southwest vibes since they used to have 737-500s and 737-700s with red wheels.

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