Southwest Airlines Livery Tracking Thread

Pretty much. All aircraft are special in their own ways with some being special visually

I mean to be fair, the MAX 8 is really no different than the -800. Both have the same cabin seating arrangement and length/dimensions. The only small differences are really the winglets, engines, and aft tail cone.

The liveries themselves would look the same either way. The bigger difference is the -800’s/MAX 8’s vs. the -700’s given the much shorter fuselage.

The main reason though why they’re choosing the -800’s over the MAX’s is simply based on repaint cycles. They’re simply choosing aircraft which are due for repaints now and transferring the special liveries over to them. The MAX’s are much newer, so none of them are due for repaints yet. Imua One was an outlier because as someone else said it made more sense with the MAX’s primarily flying to Hawaii. Also, 8710 was the first MAX delivered to Southwest AND the first to get in-seat USB charging. So, it’s even more of a special plane!


SWA did the same thing before. 733 - 737. Essentially, I see a pattern. They usually seem to put the new liveries on the newer aircraft

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Not my photos, but something else to take note of and keep an eye on once Lone Star and Triple Crown One are repainted soon is that these were the last two liveries to sport the older special script font on the nose. Every other special livery has received the newer Heart font on the nose.

Also… I wonder if Triple Crown will get the employee signature overhead bins again.


Both retros are in SLC right now! Too bad I’m not down there 😭

that’s a rarity

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First time they’re together in SLC actually. I’ve been keeping track of the 2 jets since they entered service

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It really makes you wonder sometimes if it’s done intentionally or if it’s just a super rare coincidence. I definitely know Southwest will plan things like that for certain situations…

For example, having a bunch of specials for the MCI new terminal opening last year (both 871 and 872 were present). And then having Missouri One on the inaugural flight.

Or I’ve even seen where multiple special liveries will be at the same airport at the same time all parked next to each other. Like there’s no way that’s not intentionally planned…


Southwest sucks when it comes to getting their pilots in the right places (2022 holiday meltdown), but when it comes to planes, they like making coincidences happen lol

According to FlightRadar24, as of now N8660A is set to depart Spokane tomorrow morning for Denver! Spotters be on the lookout for the new Lone Star One!!

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i feel like there would’ve been no way for him to know that’s about to pass unless he bought the wifi and was watching fr24

N8660A back as the new Lone Star One! Can’t wait to see N8681M in the Triple Crown One livery soon!


Looks like the new lone star one has a different font for the title


Yep, sure does. I figured all the specials would eventually get the new nose title font.

And even though it’s not the best photo of lighting, I gotta say Lone Star One looks really good on an -800!


i agree

doesn’t look as stretched as some of the others

Night shot of the new Lone Star One!

I also noticed that it now appears to have red-painted wheel hub covers again as opposed to white ones like it did on N931WN. They were also painted red on the original N352SW. Glad to see that return, but also still makes me wonder why some of the -800 specials have white ones.


I think it now mostly falls in line with what the primary color on the bottom center of the fuselage is (Or a color that compliments it). Notice how on Illinois One the wheel hubs are that same brown used on the Eagle which takes up nearly the entire fuselage above the main gear. Just my guess though, of course.

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True, but both Tennessee and Nevada One have white hubs. Shouldn’t they both be red and blue respectively?


Seems to be a weird discrepancy with Southwest special liveries. N871HK has the same problem but with the track fairings