Southwest Airlines - Livery and Aircraft, Then and Now

Amazing how much Southwest has grown over the years!

727-200 and 737-200 - Mustard Rocket


737-700 and 737-800 - Canyon Blue

737 MAX 8 - Heart


I always thought the desert sand was more of a vomit color.


For some reason I like the desert sand on the 727. I think they look good together


It’s so beautiful! I always thought it was Desert Gold, though.

O boi, look at the length of those early engines! J e s u s

I love the desert sand livery. I wonder what’ll be next for this airline.

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Southwest is my favorite LLC! Flown with them several times, good service and no complaints.

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I’m not gonna lie, the newish southwest one is guuuuud.

Oldish one looks dated, and the real old one is disgusting.

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love that 727

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Wow I remember watching the old TV programme “Airline” I think it was called and seeing that Desert Sand/Questionable Vomit on their aircraft.

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These pictures seem very clear,

did you take these?

They are clear but I didn’t take either of them sadly, credits to the owners.

I suggest adding the link to to the photos then :)

One of my favorite airlines, fly them out of Houston-Hobby all the time.

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Btw, it’s called mustard colors. Not desert storm :) other than that great thread.

I looked it up, desert sand.

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Really? Wow, the pilots I always talked to called it mustard colors. Hmm cool u learn something new everyday :)

I learned something too, it’s Mustard Rocket, I feel dumb now.

Bwhahahaha ha lol, that’s Harrison’s, laughing so hard…

The gold or whatever that is just looks awful