Southwest Airlines Is Now The World's Largest Airline

Southwest Airlines is now the world’s largest airline by capacity.

As practically every airline in the world is affected by plummeting air travel demand, they are continuing to slash capacity wherever they can.

However, Southwest Airlines hasn’t cut as much as other airlines and has now become the world’s largest airline in terms of capacity.

On April 13, Southwest had 3 million available seats while the previous world’s largest airline, American Airlines, only had 2 million.

Delta Air Lines and United Airlines have both fallen down to just 1 million available seats.

Notably in this data, you can see that China Southern, China Eastern, and Air China have all increased their capacity in the past week as domestic demand in China begins to recover.

Overall however, they are still flying at around 50% of their original capacity compared to January 2020.

This data above shows the overall reduction in capacity for countries around the world, with the most severe reduction coming from Hong Kong and Spain at -94.2%

Why hasn’t Southwest cut as much capacity as other airlines?

As Southwest Airlines is primarily a domestic carrier flying within the United States, they saw a smaller decrease in demand compared to airlines flying more international flights.

Since mid-January, overall domestic capacity has only fallen by 57% while international has fallen by 88%.


Southwest 737:

Data by OAG/Forbes:

During these unprecedented times, Southwest has risen from the 7th largest airline to the world’s largest. However, in terms of revenue, we won’t know who’s number one for a few weeks.

Additionally, Wizz Air is now Europe’s largest airline. The previous powerhouses, Ryanair, IAG (British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus, etc.), Lufthansa Group, and Air France-KLM have all fallen down.


The world has gone blue!!! 😳😳😳

Well, I guess it’s not that bad. Not too far from green. Where’s S7 when you need them?

they’re in Кременчуг-Константиновское


Interesting. I would not have expected this, but it’s very cool to hear.

I have seen a much bigger percentage of SWA around here.

Some crazy number I saw today, at PIT we usually have about 13,000 people board planes on an average day, on Tuesday that was down to just 400. That’s insane, our daily departures are down from 180 to 70, but that still works out to an average of 5.7 people per plane, really crazy times…


small no more

Hmm. That’s pretty cool to hear but I’m wondering what their revenue looks like if they’re still operating so many flights…

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Interesting…and somehow the budget airlines here in Europe are struggling…

Yeah, #WNGang! In case you’ve forgotten why Southwest is also the best airline:


Really interesting!

I haven’t realised that one either. But with all these 95+% capacity drops ongoing in Europe it probably isn’t to difficult to achieve right now… :/

Thanks for the insights!


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