Southwest Airlines Hawaii Update


Why then what?
It’s probably been in the planning process for a year or two to start servicing to Hawaii.


I saw something yesterday that said SWA is just “DAYS” away from certification! They also just completed another proving flight the other day that had to divert to Hilo. It was part of the process of getting certified! To make sure they can perform diversions even when they are in the middle of the ocean.
I go to Dallas on Monday for a SWA Employee event, and I have a feeling they will announce ticket sales there🤞🏼


Hopefully soon, so I can see how much it costs so I can hopefully book flights to Hawaii.


Well this is interesting


ALOHA HAWAII!! Southwest has gotten approval!🙌🏻🌺🌴😎


Please link article!


theres your link,soon we should get flights in the system


WooHoo! 🙌

Can’t wait for Hawaii flights on Southwest 😃 🎉

Especially when they fly from SJC 😃


I wonder if I’ll save money flying MHT-MDW-SJC-HNL, hopefully yes. No different if I flew from Boston too, BOS-DAL-SJC-HNL.


Wow, they’re gonna start inter-island flights as well (according to the article), seems like everything will go the best it can.


I can’t wait to finally see this in operation. I’m thankful that Southwest will be pressuring the Hawaiian market after so many years. Its going to make those airlines already offering service to rethink their marketing strategies. Southwest for the win!


You really are in love with San Jose.


Indeed I am XD


Maybe just a little 🤦🏼‍♂️😂


Those would be some nice mile earning flights for your SW account if you have one


I am a part of their Southwest points systems, so I earn points when I fly with them


Most likely not possible. United operate a 777 for KORD-PHNL and AA operates a 787 there, so there probably isn’t a chance

not far north of us, Delta fly the A330, 767, and 777 based on the time of year from KMSP to HNL


MDW-HNL Nonstops is definitely 100% not a possibility with a 737. The farthest southwest will go to Hawaii from will probably be DEN, once they get the MAX7, If even that


What about Seattle? That’s about 6.5 hours. Alaska does it on their 737s.


Southwest doesn’t have the biggest of hubs in Seattle. If you think about SJC, SAN, OAK, and SMF those are 4 of their major crew bases on the west coast.