Southwest Airlines Hawaii Update


Wow a 6 hour flight to Dallas love field!? That’s a long flight. Does Dallas-Love field have a long enough runway to do HNL flights?


Yes they do, they’re both over a mile long so they could support 737 operations.


What’s the range on the 737-800/737-MAX8? Would MDW-HNL be possible, or is MDW’s Runways too small for such a thing?


If the range of the aircraft allows it to do it then I don’t see an issue. The Runways have nothing to do with a range…


The real question is, do you really want to sit on a narrow body for 8 or more hours if that were the case? 🤣


The max will be the reason this happens more and more. From what I hear its awful. Hopefully the A321LR is better but that depends on it’s operators. Overall though I would rather take a twin aisle aircraft.


SWA just take my money now!


I mean, why not? Norwegian flies their 737-MAX8’s on their DUB-PVD flights which is about 5-6 hours with no WiFi.


5 hrs is about the flight time from HNL to one of the California destinations. So that would be typical. I think WestJet and Air Canada even have flights to Vancouver on their Max’s which is about the same time. But 8 hrs that’s a bit more.

Longest flight in a narrow body that I’ve been on was 8.5hrs from DFW-HNL on a 757. By hour 6 it was uncomfortable. 😂


Southwest will only go from California for now! Maybe PHX, and/or LAS eventually. If they sold tickets regularly for nonstop service between MDW, DAL and HNL and those flights were full, including baggage, they would run out of fuel. The only reason they’re able to fly HNL-DAL is because there is only 20 people onboard and no baggage at all


As I’ve heard before once they receive the MAX7 that will enable them to fly to Hawaii from cities as far as DEN and maybe even further believe it or not! But like @DeerCrusher said, do you really want to spend 7+ hours on that small of an aircraft?


Well the 737-800 just get out of midway around the opposite touchdown zone (double piano keys) with plenty of thrusts and I’m sure those aren’t fully loaded. I guess it’s possible but IDK. KDAL should be able to handle itbut like Deercrusher said I don’t know if I’d even want to be in a narrow body that long, I get cramped with the window seat in 3 hour flights.


Southwest really should hav bought the Max 9 for the Hawaii flights but i don’t run the airline.



Alaska Airlines must feel threatened


Hope so - Drive tickets down on Alaska.


Did I see just see $327 round trip?!


Am I going insane, or did SWA fly to Hawaii before? I thought they had an ETOPS 737 just for it…


They did a test flight to get their 737’s ETOP approved


Why then? Did they plan this a few years ago? I know I heard about an ETOPS 737 a while ago