Southwest Airlines "Freedom One" 737-800

And how do they have the Qatar emirates and Ethiad on The bottom of the respective Airlines I think they can do it

That was specifically for the 737 model, Qatar, Emirates, Etihad are all on an updated 777 model that allows it.

In this case, he’s trying to say that the current 737 model in Infinite Flight doesn’t allow for text on the bottom of the fuselage.

That’s a pretty sweet livery. I’m not even from America.

50th birthday and registration N500WR is a really cool touch too, it all adds up nicely.

Voted. Does this make me 'Murican now?

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Along with the 50 votes that we’re about to reach 😉

Big appreciation for all the support for this livery!

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essentially what you’re saying and what most people already know is that the 737 needs a Rework to bring it up to par with the 777,757 and A330 this can also be said for the A320 series

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Of course, everyone is allowed to show support even if we never get the livery in the simulator. It’s nice to see so many people appreciate this fantastic livery!

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saying that around 30 or more % of the community is American I see we have a pretty good chance of seeing this Livery and I really want to see it

Yes essentially :)

I love it! Looking for a vote to give you 50 :)

EDIT 1: Sorry I lost regular and I have to go remove like 6 votes lol

EDIT 2: I’ve removed a ton but nothings working so ill vote later I guess…

There’s your 50th vote. You’re welcome. 😉


Airline: releases a livery
IFC members: creates a feature request immediately

Not going to vote for it, but if it actually comes (I see a high possibility since the votes are skyrocketing) I might give it a try since it’s indeed a good looking one


After reflection, it is true that this livery is graphically very impressive. The overall visual is quite balanced and the design is very clean and simple, which makes it very elegant.
It’s true that Southwest is one of the most invested companies in special liveries, it really distinguishes itself from other American companies.

I won’t go back to the subject of diversity and other subjects.
It’s true that there are a lot of Southwest liveries on Infinite Flight, but I think that this livery has a more important place than other Southwest liveries, so maybe we should rethink things and therefore review the number of SW liveries.

Anyway, all this to say that we are French (@Jeremy351 too) and we may not understand American patriotism but we are not opposed to this livery, on the contrary. (Besides, as Jeremy tried to tell you, but you lashed out at him), anyway.

I’m quite surprised by the number of votes, you guys are fast.


50 votes already!



Really hope to see this in the future

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I’m out of votes unfortunately, but I would love for this livery to be added!

Woah guys this 737 livery is super cool and unique. Let’s talk ONLY about this livery and potentially adding it to the simulator so that the topic doesn’t get closed. What’s that, you’d prefer another livery or you don’t like this one? Don’t care, didn’t ask. Keep on the original topic.

What a nice Airbus!


This is such a beautiful livery. One of my favorites! Really hope this comes to Infinite Flight one day

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