Southwest Airlines "Freedom One" 737-800

Southwest Airlines “Freedom One” 737-800 (N500WR)

On July 4th, 2021, for Southwest’s 50th birthday, Southwest Airlines painted this brand new livery for their 737-800. Also the first ever Southwest 737-800 fully painted special liveries. With the registration as N500WR, this aircraft is one of the coolest liveries I could possibly see on a 737.

Photo credit to @SierraKiloZulu on JetPhotos

This livery, known as Freedom One, represents Southwest and their dedication for 50 years with the addition of honoring veterans, armed forces, and those who have served for the U.S. This also represents their thousands of employees working day in and day out to run one of the most successful airlines in the industry.

It contains 50 stars for the 50 U.S states, 13 stripes for the original 13 U.S colonies, the well known Southwest Heart located on the bottom part of the fuselage, and the label “Freedom One” painted twice near the nose. The traditional Southwest Airlines tail is in place which is used more majority of their specially painted liveries.

Southwest’s History

Southwest Airlines Co, typically referred to as Southwest, is one of the major airlines of the United States and the world’s largest low-cost carrier airline. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has scheduled service to 115 destinations in the United States and ten additional countries. As of 2018, Southwest carried more domestic passengers than any other United States airline.

The airline was established on March 15, 1967, by Herb Kelleher as Air Southwest Co. and adopted its current name, Southwest Airlines Co., in 1971, when it began operating as an intrastate airline wholly within the state of Texas, first flying between Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. The airline has nearly 60,000 employees and operates about 4,000 departures a day during peak travel season.

Complete credit to wikipedia.

Here’s an additional video for the entire painting timelapse!

Woah! That’s amazing! Looks good on the 737-800. I support this, but I’m out of votes.


It’s been in Spokane for an entire week and just flew in KHOU last night!


Voted. Absolutely gorgeous!


My favorite airline and awesome livery I had to vote


Great livery! Would be awesome to see in IF.


Absolutely, But I had first time rode the plane for Southwest Airlines original brand old livery not new anybody. Registration: N500WR my flight 699 from KBWI/BWI to KSEA/SEA last on Tuesday, April 14, 2015 in the morning. I have my picture at BWI Airport.

Very cool new brand livery your post that’s awesome!


FlightAware updated the registration photo with one that a user submitted. Here’s another angle.


More cool photos here


Amazing livery!!!

Can’t wait to see it at BWI

^^I won’t be waiting long 😉


Well, you absolutely. Thanks.

I had 4 times at BWI Airport last on May 14-18, 2009 and April 10-14, 2015. We visited at my family in Washington DC last a few years ago.

I had to stop at BWI Airport - done. DCA Airport also 4 times the same - done last on April 3-9, 2016 and December 19, 2017 - January 2, 2018. Dulles Airport - not yet.


I would love to see some more special southwest liveries

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Schedule changed and it’s headed to BWI


A couple more photos from IG :)

Credit to @northerohaviationmedia


Ngl that looks like the one @Aviationfreak showed us last night

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This is quite unrelated/unnecessary but, if I recall correctly, I saw you on that Instagram Live!

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Looks like an amazing livery!


Yep! Was watching @me_and_hou’s insta live for the Southwest 50 Rally!



Let’s see how fast we can get this livery in the sim!!

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Fun fact: this is also Southwest’s first special livery on a -800