Southwest Airlines FLT.190 flight review KLIT/KPHX

Hi community, today I am bringing you a flight review on a flight I just took.
First the flight was on time and boarding was fast and easy. I was A35 and sat over the wing. Our aircraft was a Boeing 737-700 in there old canyon blue livery. The flight was full but that was not a probelm
Secondly, as we were boarding we were met with smiles and hellos on board our flight. Upon pushback, the lead flight attendant was making jokes and being funny. I love the humour. My seat was a bit dirty but that’s okay I just cleaned it and we pushed back on time and left right at noon.
Third, At cruise we had a snack of a Chex mix and southwest famous peanuts and both were great. The leg room was great as I’m not that tall only about 5 foot 6inches.
Lastly, our cruise altitude was at 40.000 feet and we had light chop through the flight with an on time arrival in Phoenix. Here’s a few pictures:


Are you sure this wasn’t a Delta flight?


Sounds great. Sounds just like any other southwest flight pretty much…

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The heck were you able to get your flight plan! Did you log on flightaware or flightradar24 to get your routes?

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It’s built in with Southwest’s WiFi I think.

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Yes. There is a website that is available for you to track your flight with

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Awesome trip report! Coincidence, I flew Southwest on Wednesday and had a 4 star service with them!

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I’m sure I wasn’t on a delta flight

Pulled it from FlightAware than put it into foreflight

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Yep it was great. I really like the southwest motto. Never had a bad flight

Look up “light chop Delta” and you’ll understand…

I get the joke… it’s not the first time I’ve heard it

Looks like you really enjoyed, I’d love to fly SWA one day ;)

I did. It was a great flight.

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