Southwest Airlines Florida One 737-700


unfortunately i am out of votes:(


Let’s just say this, I am a hardcore Southwest Fan and I want all the liveries added to IF LOL.
So far we have 3 out of god knows how many liveries there are.

The Love For Southwest


Let’s show SWA some luv

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Anybody like Florida? 😂

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After seeing this plane irl today, I feel this is a must have in IF!

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Voted! What a very unique livery!

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Thank you for the vote! It is an eye catcher and would be great in IF


Bump! Hope to see this detailed beauty soon

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We need this plane!

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This plane couldn’t be done the way the current 737 is mapped. There is too much text and detail on the far reaches of the top and bottom of the fuselage.


Illinois One is the same, but we have that

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