Southwest Airlines Florida One 737-700


Zoom into the photo, and the Credit is on the plane.

Released on April 23, 2010, this beautiful 737-700 represents the state flag of Florida. Before I continue, please do not say that the devs have shown SWA a lot of luv recently or that you love it but your out of votes. IF has three SWA liveries and one of them is no longer in service (Shamu). This aircraft is apart of Southwest’s state flag plane collection. If this plane was added to the sim Possibly with others you would not see everyone in Illinois One or Southwest Classic. This plane frequents KPDX, KATL, KBUR and several other airports.

Learn more about Southwest here ⬆️
Thank you for reading and hopefully we will see this incredible plane in the sim soon!

I looked and could not find another request for this plane, so if you know of another just let me know and I’ll request it gets shut down


Let me know if you need any more information


Flew on this to Tampa in January… beautiful aircraft :)


That’s so cool, did hey give that too you?


It’s directly to the right and on the wall when you first walk in. :)


That’s incredible, I’m so jealous right now


Make sure to vote if you want this incredible plane in the sim!


I think this is the term for promoting a feature Bumping This correct me if I’m wrong


Make sure to vote for this incredible plane


Make sure to vote if you luv Florida One!


I love this aircraft! I am at my limit, though.


Feel free to vote if you want a incredible SWA livery in the sim


Who else wants Florida One?


Who else wants this beauty in the sim?


Let’s show SWA some luv


will there ever be an North Carolina one?


I don’t know, you can check their social media and see when new planes are being announced, you just never truly know until they reveal it


this plane will look so good in the game


Yeah, it would! If you want it, be sure to vote


I think they should focus on other liveries since we already have enough southwest liveries