Southwest Airlines flight crew ties disobedient passenger to his seat

Apparently, while the plane was at the gate, the drunk man (no surprise there, it’s Las Vegas) locked himself in a bathroom and refused to get out. After that, he was kicked off the plane. After being kicked off he tried to storm the plane, shoving and hurting other passengers in the process. The flight crew then tackled him to the ground and tied him to a seat until police officers came, where he then tried to resist arrest, but in the end he eventually got thrown off the plane.

It’s good that southwest did this, I would have done the same if I was crew on that flight! Would you have done the same? Or what would you have done different? Let me know your ideas below.


Yes. They are trained to ziptie an unruling passenger until police arrive.

Especially since he stormed the plane… That gives them the right to restrain him and keep him from harming anyone or storming the cockpit


I’m glad the crew did what had to be done to stop the passenger. There’s not many more solutions to the problem.


I have a close relative that is a SW flight attendant. They are trained (somewhat) in handling disruptive passengers. If the plane is still on the ground, not really a problem, call the local airport police and they take care of things. However, if the wheels are up, the responsibility falls directly on the flight attendants. They will zip tie or restrain a passenger if needed (usually on the pilot’s recommendation) until a local law enforcement agency can intervene. If I’m a passenger, I truly appreciate it… now zip tie that guy up and bring me a Diet Coke and some pretzels please!


Going to that airport in 12 days…hope no drunk people decide to come to me.


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