Southwest Airlines Fleet Overview

Southwest Fleet Overview

Hi everyone! I’m going give an overview on Southwest Airlines’ fleet! I will go in detail of each variant, and show you some pictures! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


Amount in Fleet: 505 (Most Worldwide)
First Delivery: December 17, 1997
Latest Delivery: January 31, 2018

N7706A: Delivered on December 6, 2004 to AirTran, then transferred to Southwest on October 17, 2014.


Amount in Fleet: 192
First Delivery: March, 8 2012
Latest Delivery: April 19, 2018

N8314L: N8314L was delivered to Southwest on June 6, 2012

(All Southwest 737-800’s will be repainted in the Heart livery by the end of 2018)

737 MAX 8

Amount in Fleet: 15
First Delivery: August 29, 2017
Latest Delivery: April 30, 2018
Amount on Order: 250 -8, 30 -7

N8716B: N8716B was delivered to Southwest Airlines on October 11, 2017.

More Fleet Facts

  • Average Age: 10.7 years old
  • All aircraft in Southwest’s fleet have WiFi equipped thanks to Global Eagle Entertainment
  • Southwest is the world’s largest low cost carrier and operator of the 737

Overall, Southwest’s fleet has a bright future, with 280 737 MAX aircraft on order. Soon, the whole fleet will be repainted with the Heart livery, refreshing the airline’s presence as the world’s best low cost carrier.

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Crazy amount of airplane’s has southwest.

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Classic low cost with a few types of aircrafts only:)

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