Southwest Airlines Emergency Landing KPHL

Every time you claim “maintenance issues” and “bad PR” for a carrier without prior knowledge, you’re doing a disservice to the people who keep aircraft flying smoothly on a day to day basis. You think Southwest asked for a statistical improbability to happen on this specific day? You think they wanted “bad PR” for a blown engine?

If you had any idea of the kind of training that goes into this type of stuff, it’d blow away your mind. Even now, I had to reference three different manuals and AC 43.13-1B to certify a repair patch I did on a piece of wing skin in a lab earlier today. The people who perform that kind of upkeep take their jobs seriously and stick to incredibly stringent requirements. There is absolutely nothing you can do about the impossibly slim margin of error/failure, which is what we work towards restricting as much as possible.

And please, Frontier isn’t perfect either. Your airline isn’t exactly peachy.

I can keep going… point being, don’t pin anything down until we get fully completed reports from the FAA.