Southwest Airlines Emergency Landing KPHL

Updates are still coming in, but Southwest Airlines flight 1380 made an emergency landing this morning after suffering an engine failure in flight. Pictures in the news story are stunning, as at least one cabin window was blown out and reports of “blood everywhere” in the cabin

I’ll be keeping an eye on the story and will post updates as necessary

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Is that window broken?


Does anyone know the Call Sign for this plane?

Yes it is. Apparently whatever caused the catastrophic engine failure led to the window being blown out.


It must of been catastrophic! It takes some force to break an aircraft window like that.

WN1380 i believe. I’m looking for the flight history

Left LGA heading to DAL, that divert though…


If you check out his speed and angle, he expects to be able to land straight into PHL initially, he drops his speed and lines up for a straight in runway landing. Then it appears the winds at KPHL wasn’t in his favor (10 - 28kt winds) and they sent him around to land.

That’s just what I am gathering. A bit crazy.

Southwest is making its round on the news. They might turn into the new United and get mocked and labeled as a dangerous airline.

They have had only two fatalities in 40 years. Definetely safe.


What is the fatality rate on allegiant? Yet they’re considered a dangerous airline to be flying on. Dangerous doesn’t mean fatality.

Allegiant’s fleet is a 5th of the size, and they carry hardly as many passengers. That’s not much of a comparison.


🙄🙄🙄. Dangerous airline geez. Every single one of these airlines are perfectly safe. The US has the strictest aviation laws there is. It’s life, things break and stuff happens. An airplane breaks down or has a major malfunction and is yet always in the news but when there’s a car accident it never gets mentioned. Everyone chill out jeez


Isn’t this the second time a WN 737’s Engine has exploded? That window looks blown out, I guess that was one aggressive explosion in order to blow out a window.

I was just reading this on Facebook

Yes I read an article someone got lucky as they were almost stacked out but passengers helped pull the passenger back. I didn’t know that could happen.

well yes, the pressure difference from inside the plane is different from the outside. If a window breaks, that person, or object, gets sucked out into the open sky.

But it’s not as often as Allegiant has been making its rounds, with the 60 mins section regarding all the issues they had. Plus Southwest is still one of the safest in North America.

No I mean I didn’t know people could help prevent that happening. I thought depressurization was an immediate and forceful event and there would be no way to pull someone back.

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