Southwest Airlines | DEN-LAX | Boeing 737-800ER

Hey IFC!
Sorry gang, I know I have done both Southwest DEN-BUR and DEN-SJC but Denver/westcoast routes are just so much fun!
What inspired me to fly this route was this really cool plane spotting video on YouTube at DEN that I discovered, you all should watch a few minutes.

 Server: Expert

 Callsign: Southwest 122VA

 Route: Denver KDEN - Los Angeles KLAX

Here we go!
Our ride

Turning onto 25

Blasting out of the mile high city!


Climbing high

Continental divide

Reached cruise - or orbit

Grand canyon!


Safe landing

Takeoff (with realsounds) and landing movie

I hope y’all enjoyed!

Beautiful pictures i love this one


Wow! Some really, really good pictures! I especially like the cockpit and moon shoots as they are not only exceptionally sharp, but also have really good light conditions (same goes for the other pictures as well). Thanks for sharing!


Very nice pictures. I often see you at KDEN, when flying in IF. Happy wingtips! HeavyJeff

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