Southwest Airlines | Dallas-Love Field to Denver Intl | SWA2851

Southwest Airlines SWA2851 Trip Report | DAL-DEN

Hey all, bit of a long time no see since I’ve made a topic. Hope everyone is dong well and staying safe and healthy. So let’s get into the trip report.

First of all, I’ll explain how I got down to Dallas from Grand Rapids. On Thursday March 5, 2020, I left for Dallas from Grand Rapids via Chicago-Midway. I was set to tour an aviation college in Eastern Texas the next day so this reason was the sole purpose of the trip to Dallas. So once this happened, we were set to leave Dallas for Denver on Saturday March 7, 2020. I have family that lives in Denver and it was cheaper to stay with them than it would be to stay in Dallas for the rest of the weekend.

So here’s a before picture of the ramp at Love Field. Did some plane spotting on the top of parking garage C. Really good view of the terminal, departures, and arrivals.

Made it through security in a timely manner, about 20 minutes which was pretty quick. Here is my plane pulling into gate 8 for today’s journey. A 15 year old Boeing 737-76N with the registration of N7710A.

Next. Here is boarding, I was in the B boarding group. Good picture of the good looking CFM on this aircraft.

Lining up runway 13R with an 8 minute late departure of 4:18pm. Good view of the Dallas skyline.

Rocketing out of Dallas, had a very long straight out departure so we didn’t interfere with Dallas-Forthworth Intl departures. Another view of the airport way in the back in Dallas still in view.

After this I slept till our descent into Denver.

Final minutes in the air. Our arrival had us on a left downwind landing on runway 17R. Views of the Rocky Mountains in the background.

On the ground in Denver after a 1 hour and 38 minute flight, arriving 10 minutes early. In the back is the main terminal and terminal A and B. We pulled into gate C32.

Overall a really great flight, smooth skies all the way there. Never a disappointment from Southwest, always putting on their best.

Disclaimer: There were not heavy orders put in place on COVID-19 yet. When I returned home I was careful about who I interacted with. I did not end up catching the virus.

Thank you for reading this. Stay safe and healthy!


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