Southwest Airlines Considering Leasing A220s

I think Southwest should do this and to also open up more routes in Central America and the Caribbean. I also believe they should do something similar to what Delta is doing in economy on their longer routes.


I really hope that IF this happens it’s a part time thing. I am hoping to progress through my flight training and get up to be able to apply for southwest airlines but if they get rid of the 737’s then that will be a dealbreaker for me because that is the only commercial plane I look foward to flying. If anything, use the 220 till the max is back and running and then send them back. That’s just my opinion.

Someone please make a concept livery!


I don’t know how I feel about this, southwest looks great in the Boeing 737 series but not sure about airbus 🤔


Unlikely that they can easily transition to a new fleet and remove the Boeing’s, that won’t happen anytime soon. I simply suspect they want to possibly introduce these aircraft into their fleet. They were in Europe a few months back with interests in buying some so this possibility of leasing some aircraft really likely is going to be some sort of a trial for southwest to test the aircraft. I’m all for it.

For a trial run, yes, but ultimately keeping the Boeing only fleet is the right way to go for them.

Yes so in a business model centered around small 737s you think they should implement 787s!?!?!?

It would definitely be a major change. Southwest isn’t known for their long haul flights. They’re more known for their quick trips, turns, lower than normal prices, friendly employees, etc. They make bank doing what they do best. It might not seem like a financially reasonable step but if anyone is capable of making a 787 affordable and profitable for a major LCC (Low Cost Carrier), Southwest would be the first to do it. It’ll be an interesting 5-10 years to see what they do.


Agreed Matt couldn’t agree more

Why do you think that though? The best route for them is to diversify their fleet. Do you remember when American, United and Delta had Boeing only fleets? Now look at them, it’s not wise to stay loyal to one manufacture, the discounts can’t be too good either at this point now. Plus if these aircraft are more suited to specific routes and could lower operating costs allowing them to offer cheaper flights then I don’t see why not.


Very good point!

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Southwest will absolutely need to consider some change at this point. I believe they dodged a bullet this time and realize they won’t get so lucky a second time.

Imagine if these incidents had taken place 5-10 years from now where the entire SWA fleet upgrade to the MAX was complete and now their whole fleet was grounded. They’d be out of business in a week.

Thankfully for them this was a manageable hit on a % of their assets but they must know some diversification is necessary should this happen again so a single airframe’s grounding doesn’t result in their entire company becoming inoperable.



I don’t think they would get rid of all planes except for the MAX in 5-10 years

They have fairly new B738s that they bought and I don’t think they would even be retired for another decade or two.

At most, they would get rid of their -700s

Point being, in a few years this grounding could’ve put something like 50% of their fleet on hold vs ~5%. That would be tough to recover from or even sustain.


Well you mentioned that their whole fleet would be grounded, which is an exaggeration. That is why I discussed the B738. Of course it would be a burden once they get more MAX planes and they get grounded but they’re not going to get rid of their B738s anytime in the near future.

The point I got from it is you should diversify. If this was the primary aircraft of the fleet which it will be soon along with many other airlines replacing the NG and CEO’s with Neo’s And max aircraft then this could decimate an airline if they lost even a quarter of their fleet and they were this large. Realise that now Boeing is offering compensation but it’s causing major problems across multiple airlines, that’s with only 30 or so aircraft missing, the lost custom won’t make up for what Boeing provides, and the credibility of the aircraft is severely tarnished, will people still fly southwest willingly after they are back in service? It seems they have been reprinted new safety cards so Max isn’t mentioned on the current NG aircraft to avoid scaring anyone into thinking they are flying on a B737 Max, adding more aircraft would be a good option for southwest, now more than ever, now imagine if they had even more Max aircraft the disruption it would cause, there is only so much Boeing can do to help, the airline can still go bankrupt. It’s not an exaggeration as there will come a point that the Max will be the primary aircraft of the southwest fleet.

I’m not saying that Southwest should diversify. For one thing they are a LCC so it’s easier on them if they just have to maintain one type of aircraft.

What I’m saying is that Southwest will mostly not have an all-MAX fleet in 5 years, going against what Tyler said. If they retire an aircraft, it would be their B737-700 aircraft but they would still have the B737-800, which will fly for Southwest for at least another decade or two.

Of course, an all-MAX fleet will come but not in the near future, more like a decade or so.

Yeah but for them they would have to change a lot of stuff for that to work.

One step towards the bus hehe

Spotters will love the Swiss A220

I would love to see the Southwest livery on the A220!

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