Southwest Airlines Considering Leasing A220s

In the aftermath of the 737 MAX groundings, Southwest Airlines is considering leasing Airbus A220s from European carriers to replace the. According to multiple websites, airline representatives have been evaluating Swiss A220s for the past weeks hopeful that they could make up for their 34 grounded Max 8s.


That would be interesting. I bet the Southwest livery would look good on that Cseries plane


Southwest in an Airbus?🧐


Wait Southwest owns periods?

Im kidding

This livery would suit the A220 well in my opinion

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This would be awesome as someone who flies with southwest a lot!

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You could put it in the thread below

But if Southwest does lease A220s to replace their B38M fleet, it would show that even Boeing’s most loyal Boeing 737 customer would turn to Airbus. This would be really bad for Boeing and the MAX airplane.


Ooh, that would look sick.

Southwest just needs to seal the deal and buy some 787’s. Its only a few pennies more. The CS300 would be just another drop in the bucket.


WOW, I am very surprised at this decision (or not). Southwest going airbus? It will look great in my opinion.

If they do they will be leasing them without there own pilots and only till the groundings are done. I highly highly doubt it will happen. It takes quite alot to intigrate a new aircraft into a fleet, both time, and money. SWA is only going to do this is it needs, and being so flexable I bet they don’t need it as much as say AA or AC, but I haven’t heard anything about them doing this…

With issues with the 787’s lately, they may want to wait and see what comes of it. This is certainly an interesting development and will be interesting to see them here!

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Eaven if they do it they woln’t be repainted I don’t think. That would show a long-term commitment which I don’t think there looking for

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😬 Not looking good for Boeing, man…💔


They will likely wet lease so they get the pilots and everything and maintenance support. There is likely a reason they have chosen to get aircraft from a carrier on the other side of the world. Why? Bevasue it’s likely they want to trial the aircraft and see how efficient they are in real use. There is no other reason to not just get some widely available Boeing or Airbus aircraft from other carriers in the US. I’m sure Swiss are helping Airbus out by doing this under their assistance as they can’t exactly offer aircraft immediately to trial.


I’d love to see this happen.

Southwest really needs some 787-8s btw.


Yeah, they could crush it in the long haul market!

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Yeah, I want long hauls! :D



Actually 737 max
being grounded can be a really nice chance for a220’s to get leased or either bought

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Yeah, I’m hoping for some new long hauls from Aus!

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Well that would be different. It would be interesting to be spotting and see a Southwest A220 😉

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