Southwest Airlines (California One, some 700s, some 800s) at IND

Southwest party!


My ride


Front of California One


WN 737-700


Side of California One


WN 737-800


Nose of WN 737-800

More to come-In flight photos, other airplanes.


Southwest parties are very common at many airports across the country.

I counted 8 at the gates at BWI last time I was there, not including the one I was on. And those are the ones I could see. BWI is a SWA hub, I believe.

Wn serves about 60% of the traffic at LAS

Why do I always get the flights when it’s raining and you can’t take good pictures out of the window. Brilliant photos by the way, looking forward to more.

I love the California one livery

@Talkingribzz because you live in Ireland.

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Good point😄.

Great pics! Flew for the first time with SWAirlines back in Oct from Houston up to KEWR, really enjoyed great flight.

I got a picture of the California one during its taxi before.