Southwest Airlines BWI to MHT

Today I decided to continue my mission of flying to airports I’ve never been to in Infinite Flight and decided on Manchester–Boston Airport. Home airport of @Daniel_Cerritos

Taxiing to RWY 28

All set for this SWANN departure, it just says turn heading 150 thence, no help after that, it just leaves me hanging. I’m new to SIDs and STARs so I may not have known what I was doing but 94 passengers on our way to Manchester.

This area looks very familiar, wonder why 🤔


Chesapeake bay bridge

I love the scimitars

FL370 is kind of high for this short flight but that’s what Flightradar has it as so…

The cross wing was extreme


Thanks for the tag dude!

Also, it’s great you used the correct gate for Southwest, as I usually see people spawn in those areas in the wrong aircraft type. Only WN uses Gate’s 11-15A :)

Thanks for flying into MHT. Hope you’ll come back soon. Maybe we can do a Trip TPA-MHT soon if you’d like.

Also, great screenshots dude