Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8

Since the other topic about the Southwest Boeing 737 MAX is old and closed, I wanted to update this topic to continue the discussion about the Southwest Boeing 737 MAX 8.

Picture by: Darien, Jetphotos, N8706W | Boeing 737-8 MAX | Southwest Airlines | Derin | JetPhotos

Southwest Boeing 737 MAX 8 entered revenue service in October 1,2017 replacing the Boeing 737-300’s and Southwest has ordered 160 of this aircraft which 10 have been delivered according to Wikipedia.
It would be a great addition for Infinite Flight now with global to do flights around the U.S with this spectacular livery added to the Boeing 737 MAX 8 and the cool split scimitar winglets.
About the Boeing 737 MAX Series, and Boeing 737 MAX.

Source Wikipedia, Southwest Airlines - Wikipedia

There is already a 737 MAX request so go to that one


This one has more information so I suggest we continue with this one… the old one has little to no information and doesn’t have the best photo. :) Thanks for the updated feature request!

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Yeah but that one is old and doesn’t include a orginal Southwest boeing 737 MAX 8 livery on it

This is for the livery NOT the aircraft


Personally I’d prefer getting the Southwest 737-800 in the new livery first. But good request nonetheless!


We’ll keep this one because it’s presented much better. I closed the other one.


Those winglets are stunning! I don’t see how this wouldn’t be added if we ever get the MAX in IF.

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This may just go with the 737 MAX request.

Thenks a lot, I appreciate it

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I meant the request of the MAX series which would obviously include the southwest livery cause the airline uses 737s only so it would be expected

Just because Southwest use 100% Boeing 737, does not mean it’s guaranteed to come to Infinite Flight when the developers include the MAX family.

I think what your trying to say is that,

Southwest livery will be include in the MAX update because they are a launch customers. (787-10 example)

I said it would be included because they are one of the largest customers of the MAX… FDS has a tendency to add the airlines with the largest fleet of the specific aircraft as a livery to that aircraft (which makes perfect sense).

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I saw this a little earlier on FR24. LGA was in my view, but it was dark and they weren’t using Runway 4 for takeoff. :/

Anyway, I’d love to see the MAX be added into IF. But we need more diversity first, such as GA and regionals. ;)


Ehhhhh, not sure if I like the Southwest livery on a long(er) aircraft than the -700.

Wrong reply, message was not intended for you. my bad on my part.

Message was intended for @Drew737380

“I meant the request of they MAX livery which would obviously include the Southwest livery cause the airline uses 737s only so it would be expected”

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Well what I was saying is what @Reedgreat is saying

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I just 💙 This livery!


Southwest is my favorite airline! I would be great if I had any special SW livery

It will be a dream to see “737-Max” in the IF.