Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 7

Note: This is not to be confused with the other Southwest 737 MAX topic, or the current New SWA livery for the 737-700. The other topic is for the MAX 8, and the 737-700 is a different aircraft.

On May 15, 2013, Southwest Airlines announced the launch of the 737 MAX 7, the third member of the 737 MAX family. The Dallas-based carrier and launch customer for the 737 MAX program became the first airline to order the 737 MAX 7, when it converted 30 existing orders for Next-Generation 737s into orders for the 737 MAX 7. Don’t you just love this livery?


I love the split scimitars😍


I love Southwest Airlines!


My suggestion is to change the request specifically for the 737’max, they would definitely add SWAL if it gets added.

That stunning livery <3


This picture makes me question, does anyone know if the 737MAX series will have the same electromagnetic windows as the 787? I can see a blue tint in the picture, I’ve never thought about it before!


The split scimitar winglets looks amazing. They should definitely add it for all the Boeing 737’s. :)


Yes! Hopefully if this is put in it will actually have the heart on the underbelly!

Oh, so shiny! And those engine rims are a nice grey. The SWA colours look great in that light. Fancy!

Wait isn’t it for the MAX 7 ?

Yes this is the MAX 7, not the 737-700

No I mean bobby saying “The Topic is for the MAX 8, 737-700 is a different aircraft.

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Probably a mistake, I think he meant MAX 7

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Apologies. I meant that the other existing feature request was for the MAX 8, and this is for the MAX 7.