Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-7H4 "Arizona One" Livery

I’d rather see it with the original tail colors:


I think the new tail contrasts with the colors better


Perhaps, but I’m a traditionalist (thus my username) and I’m not a fan of most modern aircraft liveries. Southwest had a perfectly fine livery with desert gold and canyon blue until they defiled it with their current livery that looks like whoever designed it put little to zero thought in it.

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Will the 20.2 come in September this year

We never know, it could be released tomorrow, it could be released in December. We will just have to wait 🤷‍♂️

Eh, seeming by the incredibly awesome work of the devs so far, both of the 777s are already in beta testing. I saw maybe within a month

I unfortunately don’t have any votes left, but this is a beautiful livery! Of course, right after Lone Star One ;)

Definitely a must have!

I guess the devs might add the Southwest Arizona One today

I pray this is added, voted.

We pray too, @Cheryl_Tunt this will be added anytime soon


The Southwest Airlines Arizona on is an amazing special livery

Amazing! I think it now has spilt scimitar though

I think it does yeah…
Got my vote!

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Yessir, Splits Scimmy’s have been added mid-feb!


Somehow I one of the topics I voted for got deleted, so I have a vote to spare.


What a hottie 🤩

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A little bump

I need this livery along with like all the others!

With the recently announced changes to the feature request category, this feature no longer meets the following criteria:

  • Feature requests may not be created for temporary or special liveries

Due to this, this feature request has been closed and all votes returned to their users so that they can be used to vote on other features they would like to see in-app. For more information on what is permitted, please visit the About the Features Category.