Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-7H4 "Arizona One" Livery


Hello! I am here to request the Arizona One livery from Southwest Airlines. This is a very cool livery, and I love to see her sometimes when I go to Phoenix. I hope this will be added some day!

Photo is from Patrick Weis via Jetphotos.
Link to photo
Info about Southwest:

Info about Arizona:

Thank you for your consideration and don’t forget to vote!

I have flagged the old request containing no information.


Voted! Very nice request!


Thanks for your vote :)

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I voted for it!

I love this livery and saw it on approach when I visited Washington D.C. last year :)

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Thanks for your vote :)

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I’m sorry, this is a MUST have! I want this, Florida, Tennessee, and Louisiana One all in one update! Thank you for making all these threads!


No need to be. And this is a must Have! Thanks for your vote

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Yes we need this aircraft!!

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Thanks for your vote :)

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tiny Bump :)


mini bump :)


why you keep bumping? Also, nice livery. I don’t think I’ve seen Arizona One yet

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Arizona One is coming to MHT! Sadly I won’t be able to see it :(
I also voted


Alot of Special LIverys got to KBWI

Just going to bump this :)
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just a bump :)


I can’t get over how beautiful there specials are and how we don’t have all of them!

This, Florida, and Louisiana are a priority in my opinion


Love the liverie

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love the colour too

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Don’t we all