Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 'Colorado One' Livery

(Photo credits to Jay Bowie)

Southwest’s ‘Colorado One’ aircraft was repainted and unveiled on August 22, 2012 at Denver International Airport in front of Colorado’s governor as a testament to the great partnership between the business that Southwest brings to Colorado and Denver International Airport. The plane is one of several Southwest Airlines planes to be repainted in a state flag color scheme to show “LUV” for their most prized states.

Aircraft Information:

Tail Number: N230WN
Aircraft type: Boeing 737-7H4(WL)
Top Speed: 605 MPH
Range: 3,300 Nautical Miles
Aircraft cost: $85,800,000 US Dollars
Delivery Date: Feb. 14, 2006
Age: 12.5 as of Jun 2018
Engines: 2 x CFMI CFM56-7B24
Other Information: 5,000th Boeing 737 to be Delivered.

My Opinion

‘Colorado One’ is by far my favorite Southwest Airlines livery and is one of the most beautiful planes in my opinion. Infinite Flight needs this livery because it shows the pride of Southwest Airlines, Colorado and it’s wonderful people! I am sure that adding this livery will put huge smiles on a lot of people on the forum! It would also add to the existing Southwest Airlines and Southwest Airlines Special Livery fleet. ‘Colorado One’ isn’t just a livery with a Colorado flag on it, it is a jewel for Colorado and other AvGeeks around the world.

A little on Southwest Airlines

image Southwest Airlines was founded in 1967 by Herb Kelleher. Southwest commenced operations 4 years later on June 18, 1971. The airline chose Dallas Love Field as it’s main hub airport for strategic reasons. Southwest then started operating routes from Dallas to Houston and Dallas to San Antonio. Since then, Southwest has been expanding rapidly across the country. On July 1, 2014, Southwest Airlines announced it’s first international flights to Aruba, Montego Bay, and Nassau. By 2017, Southwest had established 10 hubs for the airline with over 95 destinations. In 2018, Southwest announced flights between Hawaii and California starting in 2019.


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Quick question:

Is N230WN the only aircraft that is in that livery?

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Yes. There are other special liveries for other states like that one but, for Colorado, that’s the only one.

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Yes! Gotta represent the ol’ 303!! (or 970 😉 @Wattsup_jet) Voted!


Or 720.

Bias alert, this is my favorite SWA special livery.


Gotta see this in IF! Lived in Colorado for so much of my life, and the way it’s portrayed on the aircraft is just perfect. You’ve got my vote!


Honestly I love all the southwest special liverys they are amazing. ❤️😍😍 however, I think if we get any of them we will get them with a 737 rework. (Which I really want)


Even though I love Lone Star One the most, this is just too beautiful. 😍👍

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I personally love the California livery but the Colorado is definitely up there.

There are many Southwest liveries on the B737-700 this one is nice. I hope to see this soon!

Thanks for the request, I really need this since I got to fly on it! It would be cool to have the exact plane I flew on!

Voted! This needs to be added!

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Just a simple bump :)

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I know this is like really old but I’m definitely voting for this because in my opinion this is the best Southwest livery out there and it just looks amazing. Hopefully someday we can have this added.


One of my favorite Southwest liveries, hope to see it soon!


Just a little bump 🙃
IF definitely needs more special liveries!

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I love this livery so much!



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I would love to see infinite flight developers add for Southwest Colorado Livery. If we keep voting for it.

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yes!! IF need this i have the Gemini jet