Southwest Airlines B737-800 (new livery)

I love the new livery on the -800

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The Split Scimitar winglets look nice on the plane, and the Blue, Yellow and Red Colours look very nice on the plane.

We definitely NEED this in IF!

Its such a nice livery. Such an improvement over the warrior one.

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This livery it’s just wonderful! Should be added with the split scimitar winglets!


Beautiful livery, the thing is that, that’s not a 737-800, that’s a 737-MAX… but still being such a nice livery anyway.

That’s a 737-800S Southwest doesn’t have any MAX in service yet

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Southwest Virtual Airlines would love this Livery!

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Indeed we would, it’s had my vote for a while ;)

Omg I love split scimitars!!! I flew one of these back in April and hopefully I get to fly one again on June 14 😄😄

W would have to rework the 737s in order for them to accept spilt scimitar winglets. Otherwise this is an awesome feature!

Some of the 737NGs have scimitars, don’t they?


Yes they do. Search it up on the internet or on FR24 find some United 738s and they are almost certain to have them.

The MAX doesn’t have split scimitars, split scimitars are two pieces the MAXs AT winglets are a single piece.

Here’s some information on the AT Winglet


I think so… do not really know…

We definitely need this…

This would be nice to have… So I can fly into KISP in the new livery (Without flying the small 737-700…).

This is a must-have for IF! the 737-7 is just a tad too small.

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Exactly! Especially when I want to show off by flying a non - Boeing 737Max in the New Southwest Livery to Hawaii :P

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Please see Southwest 737-800 Heart Livery for more.