Southwest Airlines B737-800 | KSNA - KSMF (Part 1)

Hey IFC! Today for the first time I flew Southwest Airlines. I flew from my home airport of John Wayne/Orange County (aka the best airport), to the State Capital of Sacramento.

I had no reason to fly really, it was just for fun. I as shocked to see when I checked in that we would be flying out of gate 22B which is typically used for regionals and requires air stairs (which is very rare at JWA especially for mainline aircraft). The flight itself was just over an hour and cruise only lasted for about 15 to 25 minutes. We had to distribute our seating since we only had 50 passengers this morning and lifted off only half way down the 5,700ft runway. I took a few pictures and decided to share them here.

Airline: Southwest
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Flight Time: 1:06
Flight Number: WN3141

An empty Terminal C

Boarding our flight of only 50 passengers

Climbing out of SNA

Catalina Island with the Moon!

Passing over the infamous San Andreas Fault

Descending into Sacramento (KSMF)

I will be making a 2nd topic later on my return flight (which had many delays on the ground) and I also have videos I’ll probably post later since they aren’t in the right format to post them here.

For a LCC the legroom was great compared to other US carriers, and free snacks and drinks even on an hour flight was nice to have. Also the 2 free checked bags if you need them which you don’t see much (even with the base fare).

I wouldn’t say they are my first choice, but I will definitely fly them again if I have to in the future!


Is this topic an April fools joke

Why what do you mean?

You’re the April Fools Joke.

Also, wish I would’ve caught your return back to SNA! Unfortunately not much traffic there during your arrival and the route would’ve taken me the opposite direction of home lol


That joke didn’t takeoff very well


sorry, but I’m allergic to jetways. I can handle it but it’s hard for me 😖


Lol 3 out of 5 Greater LA Airports use them (soon to be 4)

Woah woah woah, is long beach going to???

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That’s cool! I love really close to SMF! Hope you enjoyed the arrival!

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Nope. Burbank is getting a new terminal and when it’s done it’ll have jet bridges

Yeah it’s very cool! And weird being out in the middle of nowhere away from the city 😂

Yes, I live a little to the south in Vacaville

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Not anytime soon though :)

I think…

Probably until the next big earthquake 😅

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Lol that’s fine
As soon as I landed and a flight from MSP they changed back to normal ops so all the planes scrambled in the pattern 😂
I watched a private jet climb over the airport and circle to land

I think they said sometime in 2020s

How steep was that Takeoff? Also, great photos!

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Very lol
Like 3,500 fpm
The pilot warned people that it was normal procedure for the airport


Wow, what is that feeling like?

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Like a rocket ship or roller coaster
And then power cuts back for noise abatement and you feel like you’re in a free fall for a few seconds
They keep flaps 15 until at 5,000 😂
Well they did today. I think it’s usually around 3,500-5,000 ft until they retract flaps

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wow, that definitely seems like a roller coaster, if it was me, my head would have been stuck to the head rest! anyways, great photos!