Southwest Airlines B737-700 | KSMF - KSNA (Part 2)

Hey IFC! I’m back with Part 2 of my trip from Wednesday when I flew for no reason. Just flew to get out of the house really lol
I didn’t get the Canyon Blue livery, but the aircraft still had the old interior so that was cool.

This was the eventful part of the journey. My original connection was only supposed to be around an hour. As soon as I landed I got a notification from SWA that my departing flight had been delayed from 9:45am to 11:45am. They ended up saying we didn’t have an aircraft, and FR24 showed no delays on any flights that were connected to my return flight, so I just assumed they double booked the gate, but who knows.

At the gate where my return flight was scheduled, was another flight going to Honolulu. Well that flight left and they announced that we had a new aircraft that was scheduled to go to Burbank. We traded with those passengers and our new flight was scheduled to leave at 10:30am (not even close).

We then had to wait for pilots since we had none. The flight we were supposed to have that ended up going to Burbank boarded well before we did. So we finally boarded and left around 11:45am as the original delay stated 😂

Waiting to board our flight down to Orange County

Onboard waiting for pushback with a 737MAX8 parked and taxiing passed 2 Prime Air 767s

The Sierra Nevada’s

Approaching the LA Basin with Santa Ana Winds causing heavy dust in the air

LAX and Shipping Containers at the Ports of LA and Long Beach

Turning to Final for Runway 02L at SNA

Landed and parked at Terminal C

Outside the Terminal with Palm Trees 🌴
(That’s how you know you’re in SoCal lol)

After I landed a Delta A319 from Minneapolis landed and a Private Jet went around since they were switching back to normal ops with the winds dying down. It was funny watching all the other aircraft scramble for a spot in the pattern on FR24

Thanks for reading!

Here’s Part 1 in case you missed it:

Southwest Airlines B737-800 | KSNA - KSMF (Part 1)


Nice photos! Hope you enjoyed your time in the Sacramento area!


Just stayed in the airport since it was supposed to be a short connection so I didn’t leave but ended up being 3 hours 😂

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