Southwest Airlines Announces Service to Cincinatti and Stops Service to Dayton

Southwest Airlines has officially announced their service to CVG (Cincinatti, Ohio) today! The long awaited announcement can this afternoon. They’ll have multiple daily flights to both Chicago (MDW) and Baltimore (BWI). Flights start on June 4 and go on sale tomorrow January 5.

The same day they announced the beginning of their CVG service, they’ve also announced the end of their DAY (Dayton, Ohio) Service. Southwest said they’ve decided to leave Dayton and fly to Cincinatti instead. Service to Dayton will end on June 3, a day before service to Cincinatti starts.


looks like dayton airport just got lonely


Cincinnati needed it.
I didn’t know they didn’t.

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I used to drive to Dayton or Columbus to fly Southwest out of Ohio. Now Dayton is more expensive than Cincinnati on most occasions, which is really saying something. When CVG was all Delta it would cost an arm and a leg to fly out of there. The tables have definitely turned.

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Poor Dayton :(

I’ve been to the air museum out there. Saw a couple mad dogs though, no southwest for some reason

CVG is making a comeback with the LCCs. Not really with Delta, though.

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@Ryan_Vince what are your thoughts on SWA leaving Dayton? I know you’re from Ohio.

Flights for the last flight out of Dayton and first to CVG are cheap! They are now on sale. Running about $60-$70. Both operated by a 737-700 and to/from Chicago Midway.

DAY MDW was routinely $49-59. I think it’s WN not liking the AirTran destinations, I spoke with the CEO of CAK last year and he said the load factors were good.

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That’s about what they are for the last one. I’d love to go on the last out of Dayton and the first to Cinncinati but I don’t know if I’ll be able to. How to get to Dayton is also a problem. If we drive, someone else had to come with us to drive our car to CVG since we are flying back to CVG.

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