Southwest Airlines Announces PSP and MIA Service

Ik, that’s why I said Southwest wouldn’t move to DFW, and I was surprised seeing Southwest adding MIA because AA is also the biggest at MIA

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What are they up too… lol
They’re taking over Long Beach too

I’m curious to see weather this will be like (to stay in the region) Americans flights to FLL where they fly there for there loyal base to get there but only a few daily flights, or wether they will actually try to bring the fight to American, surely that can’t be it though without some big win pans, this could get interesting.

I don’t think AA has to worry about MIA. They have all of terminal D practically 😂
But it will be interesting time see how this all turns out

Heres my take on SWA moving to MIA, closer fliights to central and south america as well as the caribean and also because AA is slowly moving out of there AA hub

Wait wut. AA can’t leave Miami! That’s their gateway to SA
They own that airport

AA is closing there regional ops there. idk about mainline but i know its gotten smaller because of covid

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Oh ok. Yeah they didn’t have that many regionals there, it’s mainly their mainline fleet

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Everyone airline’s getting smaller, but AA isn’t leaving Miami. The airport is essential for their Latin/South American operations. They’re going to continue defending against other airlines, such as Delta/LATAM and now Southwest.

They just added 5 new routes this past week on E-145/175s. I’m fairly sure they suspended regional operations in MIA but they resumed it a few months ago.

International wise, they’ve only ended two long-haul routes - Brasilia and Milan - while other AA hubs saw larger cuts. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Milan return once demand recovers and once AA receives its A321XLRs, they can return to Brasilia and even expand to more secondary South American destinations.

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Should’ve never gotten rid of the 757 😐
I’m sorry but nothing can replace that bird


The inaugural services have been pushed back to Sunday, November 15.

Im gonna create an event for November 15th for a group flight from PSP to MIA

It’s not a PSP to MIA route. It’s just two new destinations.

PSP-MIA won’t be a route. Considering both are vacation destinations, we’ll probably see routes from the north, such as SLC, SEA, etc.

Oh ok yeah I was wondering how that route could be profitable anyways

The Miami routes will probably be to the Caribbean

Eh I kinda doubt that because of all the routes they have out of FLL to the Carribean. My guess would be flights to Southwests bigger airports like DAL, ATL, BWI, MDW, etc. Then if they see success there they might move to some point to point type flights. I think it will be treated like any other city in there network like so.

Southwest has loaded its initial MIA and PSP routes according to their route map:

From Miami:

  • Baltimore
  • Houston Hobby
  • Tampa
  • Chicago Midway

From Palm Springs:

  • Denver
  • Oakland
  • Phoenix

Additionally, Southwest has added another new destination, Montrose (MTJ) in Colorado, which will be served from Dallas Love Field and Denver.


Probably the most excited about this, thanks for sharing this information! :D

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They couldn’t have picked Telluride ☹️😂

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Lol I wish they did but TEX doesn’t meet the minimums and runway requirements for the 737 I think, I wish tho…