Southwest Airlines Announces PSP and MIA Service

I knew about this three weeks ago

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Southwest Airlines announced service to PSP and MIA this afternoon via a video message to the company’s employees. This marks off another California destination for the airline, while Miami complements the existing South Florida service of Fort Lauderdale and Tampa.

While Southwest already has a slight presence at Miami due to a maintenance base, this is the first time the airport will be seeing Southwest aircraft arriving with passengers (excluding any diversions).

CEO Gary Kelly said this about the new service launches:

“Our service to both of these airports will bring new, relevant options for our core Customers. Gradually, they’re rediscovering leisure travel across the country as their own situations allow. Adding these specific airports to our route map will bring us access to additional revenue at a critical time. It matches our available fleet with demand for very popular destinations.”

Both services begin November 1st. At this time, it has not been announced what destinations will be served from either airport.

What are your thoughts on this? I personally think it’s a great launch and I’m excited to see what airports will be served to both airports.


Really great to see Southwest finally add service to Miami, especially during a period of low travel demand.

Miami Airport is even calling Southwest’s entrance “one of the most significant milestones in our 92-year history as an airport”.


American Airlines right now:



Yeah MIA is AA territory
Stay away Southworst

bout to get yelled at by SWA lovers

Considering my dad is a WN employee… yeah, I’m about to scream at you


I would’ve never thought Southwest would add Miami
That was a huge surprise when I read it a couple of days ago.

Maybe we could see a San Jose (SJC/KSJC) to Miami route in the future!

I had family work for AA for many many years. I have my right 😂

American’s Miami Routes: exists


I’m more surprised about PSP lol

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I thought they wouldn’t add MIA because they had FLL, just like they don’t add ORD, DFW, or IAH because they have MDW and DAL, and HOU

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DFW is because of the Wright Amendment

Yeah true
But PSP has like 30 flights a day at peak season and they have so many airlines operating there already 😂

I know SWA used to fly there. Not anymore

Nope. Never has, never will

What’s the Wright amendment? And this is cool! Hope for ATL-MIA

I swear I saw them there before.
Maybe not. Just had a similar livery I guess

I’m okay with that

Diversions have happened but other than that, no.

Wright Amendment was repealed in 2014

Yeah but I don’t think SWA will ever move. They practically have a monopoly at DAL. Same for AA at DFW