Southwest Airlines 737 MAX 8

I’ve been privileged to share some photos from a good friend of mine that works for SWA. He gave me permission to share these; however, he wanted to remain anonymous. Hope you guys enjoy these.

Aircraft arrived in Denver from Salt Lake City today 09/13/2017. I’m actually just getting off my plane in Denver about to drive home so I wish I was able to catch this beauty. So close…

Supposedly Southwest Aircraft lines is the first US domestic air carrier operating the MAX in the states. They expect to see 5 aircraft operating per day to Denver. More opportunities for me to catch a peek. 😉





That’s one pretty 737! Would love to fly it 😍


Oooh very nice :) Like the photos and information provided ;)


Beautiful aircraft. SWA never seems to disappoint.


Great shots! was reading something the other day that said the current plans were to have at least one (it sounded as if one, but couldve been a few) of the MAX flying from DAL to Houston and San Antonio daily.

And then the next would be to start operations out of DEN

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I absolutely 😍😍😍😍 this aircraft and livery! Tell your friend he has some awesome photography skills! 👌👌👌


@Bobby would like this a lot.


The Max is such a beautiful aircraft isn’t it? Had the chance to get up close with one of the Norwegian Max’s here in belfast.


The MAX gives me a good bit of nostalgia. It is a amazing looking aircraft.


The second picture is my favorite one. I wish they would send the MAX into Atlanta.

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That’s one beautiful aircraft, I love the 737 max, going to try and get on a Norwegian 737 max flight to new york from the UK at some point.

Was always a preferred a320 family, bever really liked the 737until the 737 max came along.

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Beautiful aircraft and beautiful livery! Great pictures:-D

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That engine is oddly satisfying. It’s like… all symmetrical and stuff. I like it.

Regardless, seems like an experiance for your friend, thanks for sharing!

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Glad you guys are enjoying the photos. I’ll be sure to share the compliments on. 😊


Is it doing commercial flights? Or more of like a tour around the states for publicity?

I don’t think the first revenue flight begins until October. So, a few more weeks. I think it was just doing some proving flights for the FAA. The FAA was aboard the aircraft along with some pilots and other head honchos.


Oh, that is interesting! Figured they would do more with the publicity…

Took a closer look, the reg it has isn’t Southwest, assuming the M stands for MAX, they will probably change it one revenue flights begin.

Right now, I think the publicity is a by-product of the proving runs, but I could be wrong.


Those engines are satisfying somehow, something about them 😍 If you thought the MAX was good wait until the 777X Family is out! Great pics DC :).


That’s sooo lovely! Brings joy and awe to my heart!

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