Southwest Airlines 737-700 “Illinois One” livery

It’s kinda hard to see with the fence in the way, but it’s a bald eagle carrying a worm in its mouth. I (and probably many other people) feel that Southwest needs some special liveries in IF!

I ADORE the southwest special liverys they really share the luv in Southwest Airlines. My favirote is California one.

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Sadly FDS is no longer going to add special liveries to the game. Cool livery, but this won’t ever come.


Aw that’s sad. In that case, @moderators could close this. Where did u hear that?

It’s also not a worm. It’s a banner. I think meant to replicate the Illinois flag


I voted. 1. Cause it’s cool. 2. Cuz it’s SWA

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The eagle fits the 737 so well 😍

Any official word on that? Where do you get this info from? Source?

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How come it won’t come? They’re adding Shamu One

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Shamu livery isn’t comfirm, although it’s been seen multiple times.

Little question out of curiosity: Is there such a livery for every state in the US? I know there’s a California One. I didn’t know there’s a Illinois One as well.

Looks amazing though!

No, I think just one for every state they have a hub in😉


Not true, they have a New Mexico One but don’t have a hub there

One final bump for this topic.

@RTG113, your feature request has been confirmed! :D