Southwest Airlines - 737-700 - California One Livery

I would like to request the Southwest Livery, “California One”.
I am continuing on from another request as this one is more detailed.


The current state liveries we have are:

  • Illinois One

We need a bigger variety of these state liveries.
I think the California One is the next main State Livery we need to be implemented.

I think this specific one needs to be added because:

  • A lot of aircraft in this community (mainly in Casual and Training) fly to the Western Side of the U.S.A.

  • I could see a lot of people flying in and out of LAX (And other western states), using this livery for their flights.

I hope to see this in IF in the near future!

Thanks for reading this feature request, and make sure to vote!

Yes, this is already a topic.

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Alright, I will flag it.

I made the old topic over a year ago when I was new to the forum, so this one seems better.

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Okay, I am assuming I’ll keep it.

This livery would be amazing!

People gotta vote for this Southwest California Livery

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Yes they do

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Hey, Pilots!
As you are aware, by this now. we all can vote for this special livery there should be at least 18 votes for this livery to be included in Infinite Flight. Which the reason is, Southwest Airlines all fly the Boeing 737-700’s now. They are not flying the Boeing 737-300 Anymore they are retired and do not exist. Southwest only flys the Southwest State liveries on the Boeing 737-700, I hope that the developers are gonna to add this livery to the Boeing 737-700 soon.

For more information, see this below:
B737-700 Southwest “California Dreamin” Livery

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Yeah agreed, IRL no one use the 737-300. And it’s really old. Don’t think they are gonna add a 737-300. They just rework it 😂

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More people have to vote for this livery. There should be 11 votes

Voted, this livery would be great to fly around California

Why 18 votes to have it included? Never heard of that before


I would like this only if it had the Canyon Blue or Desert Gold vertical stabilizer design.

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That looks hot 🤩

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It does indeed, this livery would be amazing

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Flying on this tomorrow hopefully. WN6984 KBOS-KMDW


Yes please!