Southwest Airlines 737-300

This is not to be confused with this thread, as that is for a special livery.

The Boeing 737-300 is the oldest aircraft in Southwest’s current fleet. The main differences from the -700 are a smaller tail, different landing lights, and different color flaps/fairings.

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I never knew the classic series could have winglets. Quite interesting.


They were retrofitted a few years ago…maybe to make them more efficient? I have traveled in this type of plane and with the same airline twice…disgracefully they’re going to retire it soon.


They’re old though. And getting small.

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Even the -200 can get winglets, albeit a winglet more similar to the 727 Advanced winglets than the NextGen-style winglets.

The -200 winglet is developed by Quiet Wing Corp, which adds it as part of a flap modification kit certified in 2005 by the FAA, which mostly improves performance in general on the aircraft.

Aviation Partners Boeing (with information from their company website here) retrofits all 737 classic/NextGen winglets, which mostly involves strengthening the wing structure, adding flutter ballast, and replacing the wings’ ribs and cockpit systems before adding the winglet itself. The FAA got the STC for the Classics all the way back in 2003. It costs about USD 750.000 to install and offers some benefits, including improved climb and cruise performance and decreased emissions from the aircraft. More info can be found here and here.

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Eww it looks so chunky


Looks nice

Could come with a 737 rework, like it :)


I don’t think it’s necessary. Externally, it looks almost exactly like a 737-700, and besides, as mentioned above they’re retiring them soon. As much as I love the plane, I don’t think it’s necessary.

The 733 does not have winglets

The plane is vastly different from the 700 as the wings and tail are completely different. I think the 733/734/735 would be a great addition to the 737 family we already have in game.


Southwest puts them on some of the planes

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Although retired, I would still love to see this implemented into the simulator.

Yeah some do actually, I was on a Southwest 733 with winglets over the summer.