Southwest Airlines 2914//MCO-DEN//B737-800// Trip Report

Hello and welcome to today’s trip report. Yesterday I flew onboard Southwest Airlines flight 2914 with service to Denver from Orlando. Yesterday’s flight was onboard a 2016 built B737-800 painted in the heart livery and fitted with the new interior.

For today’s report let’s start off with some details:
Departure time: 12:10est
Arrival time: 1:57mst
Aircraft: B737-800
Airline: Southwest.

I arrived at Orlando International Airport at 9:30est in the morning. After being dropped off I headed over to a kiosk and printed my boarding pass. After waiting in line for an hour in security and getting my bag searched, I headed over to gate 110 where my flight to Denver would be departing. I got through security at 10:30 and ate some lunch before the 11:40 boarding time. I was A54 for the boarding position. Eventually I boarded the flight at 11:50 and sat in seat 22A!

The seats were ok, I flew their B737-700 to Orlando a week before and their older seats were a lot more comfy IMO. After getting settled in the FA told us this would be a completely full flight, my first full flight since COVID. The FA’s were constantly reminding passengers to wear their masks over their nose and mouth, but it was never enforced. 2 other people sat next to me both never wore their mask the entire flight and no FA said anything to them.

We eventually pushed back 13 minutes late because of a jet bridge issue, and we made the short taxi to the runway. Takeoff was normal and smooth.

As we reached cruise altitude, I settled in for the 3 hour and 50 minute flight, the FA’s came around asking if we wanted drinks. I ofc did and got a Coke. Their options were (1) Coke, (2) Diet Coke, (3) 7 up, (4) Water. Snack bags and brownie chips were also handed out. I used Southwests free WiFi to text my friends and my mom who was a row behind me lol, the flight was pretty uneventful and there were like 10 screaming baby’s but I just watched out the window.

There was a really large patch of turbulence over Alabama that lasted a few minutes before it smoothed out. Landing in KDEN was windy and fun as usual. Landing was nice and smooth, and we made the taxi to gate C23. While we taxied I saw the Lufthansa A350 taxi into the gate after resuming service from Munich because of COVID. After de boarding the plane and arriving 16 minutes late I weaved through the mass of people here at Denver. It was the most crowded I have seen DIA since 2019. The train to baggage claim was packed full and so was the C terminal.

Finial scores:
Boarding: 8/10
Could have been better and I think that just assigning seats or having a more streamlined boarding process.

Seat: 7/10
Not the most comfortable, love the look of it but the old seat IMO is more comfy.

Service: 10/10
Wasn’t expecting a service especially during Covid glad to see we are getting these back.

COVID-19: 5/10
Loved the constant reminders but the FA’s didn’t enforce it which made the reminders pointless.

Flight (takeoff landing etc,): 9/10
We were a tad late but other than that flight was fine.

entertainment: 8/10
I find that their entertainment is lacking some good movies. A small selection of 46 movies that I haven’t seen change since my last flight with SW is saying something. The movies need a bit of updating and modernizing.

Finial Scores: 7.8/10

I would most definitely fly Southwest again, I just think they need to smooth out some things, but if an airline with seat selection was cheaper I would choose that over SW, open seating is just too stressful.

I paid $90 round trip for me alone, and I booked this flight 3 months in advance. Good price and an ok job by Southwest.

Takeoff and landing footage:


Nice trip report!


It’s good to see lots of people flying again!

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Why do every Landing I see looks like the V/S is less than 5000 then the pilot suddenly changes the V/S and makes it 0

Yes it is, I’m not used to it lol I’ve enjoyed the cheap flights and the semi empty planes.

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