Southwest Adds Long Beach to Reno, Houston Hobby, Dallas Love, St. Louis, and Chicago Midway

Southwest is launching flights from Long Beach to five new cities: Reno, Dallas, Houston, St. Louis, and Chicago.

Today, Southwest and Long Beach airport announced a massive expansion for the airport’s largest carrier, announcing the introduction of routes to five new cities, in addition to the previously announced service to Honolulu (PHNL). These routes are Reno (KRNO, shoutout to @N1DG), Chicago Midway (KMDW), St. Louis (KSTL), Dallas Love (KDAL), and Houston Hobby (KHOU).

This all comes after jetBlue’s departure to nearby LAX back in October, freeing up the majority of slots at the airport.

It’s been a wild couple of days for Long Beach, who saw Southwest announce flights to Honolulu, immediately followed by Hawaiian announcing flights to Kahului (PHOG), and now this. It’s also very exciting to see that Long Beach is slowly, but surely recovering from the loss of its main tenant. Southwest will hold 25-34 of LGB’s daily slots, an overwhelming majority.

These routes, in addition to their Honolulu route, will commence on March 11 of next year, just two days after the inaugural Hawaiian flight to Kahului.



Called it!

Southwest is going to Honolulu from Long Beach! Not bad for the other routes as well!

Just come back to Newark already…


They love ISP better


Sort of surprised that AUS was before MDW and DAL for LGB 😳. Congrats to LGB!

I’m happy with this. More love for STL.

I think they are fine with LGA

Rhode Island gets blanked out of existence


Nice article though!

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They secretly hate Providence probably

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I believe there already operating these flights

Not that I know of. jetBlue used to service Reno from LGB, but now they do it from LAX.

They also added JAX- STL & DCA!! I love that Southwest has been so aggressively expanding lately!!

Ayyyy MDW 😍😏

Yeah I knew that. Let me look and see

Now I have an excuse to go visit Matty Matt Matt

Fantastic to see traffic and routes being added to the airport of Long Beach as auch airports often tend to suffer extremely in a bad market situation due to the high amount of competition from bigger airports. Thanks for braking the news!

Along with the new routes, Southwest is going to increase frequencies on several LGB routes so all 34 daily slots will be utilized

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Awesome! Now I have another place to connect through to get to Hawaii, glad I’ll get to do it on one of my favorite airlines. 😀😍

And while you’re at it, you’re going to stop to eat In-N-Out with me ;)

I went to In-N-Out right before a flight back home from Oakland once and it was… 🤢😂