Southwest, a MAX, and many more @ KORD!

Hello IFC!

Today, I got the chance to go spotting again! Mainly, I was excited to finally see a 737-MAX at KORD! So happy that I went today because I caught several cool aircraft along with events that occurred today. So feel free to stick around as I go over a few of my top photos from today!

First up, we have this FedEx Express (So…Federal Express Express?) A300-600F from Fargo!

Second up, this American 737-800 that is departing towards Phoenix!

Moving forward, this Jetblue Embraer E-190 coming from Boston!

From a galaxy far far away, known to some as “Japan” we have this ANA 777-300ER in the BB-8 livery!

Here, we have this Delta Connection Embraer E-175 from Minneapolis!

Blasting off for Philadelphia, this American 787-8 is a little pocket rocket!

In the background, we have a United CRJ-700 departing for Omaha as a United CRJ-550 takes off for St. Louis!

For this image, we have a Southwest 737-700 operating Southwest’s first departure out of ORD heading to Denver!

Continuing, this United Pencil coming from Los Angeles!

Finally, we have this United 737-MAX 9 coming in on a flight from Houston! So happy to have the MAX back and also happy that United chose to utilize the aircraft to ORD!

Well, thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoyed it, I will most likely create a part two later, so stay tuned for that, once again thanks for viewing!

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Great shots! The max is a true beauty!


amazing shots! hope to see SWA do well in ORD

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Thanks! Sorry to say that I broke your MAX monopoly on the IFC though ;)

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Thank you! Indeed, I hope to see them around for a while to come!

Haha no its fine 😂

Just gotta get the 330NEO and then i will truly be rendered obsolete 😆

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TAP Portugal operates those here…your days are now numbered

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Uhh uhh…


Haha that should give me another few months 😂 😂

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Southwest at KORD, never knew that! Great shots, Chicago never disappoints!

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love that classic A300!

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Thanks! That is what happens when you come on the first day of service from Southwest!

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the only boeing that i really like. great job!

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Thanks a lot! Love seeing it in the FedEx livery myself!

Hmmmm…I don’t see KGRR anywhere🤔, anyway nice pics KTJ!

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Thank you very much! Love to hear you are a fan of the MAX!

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something about it just keeps telling me “yep… that’s the right plane.”


Thank you! I think I actually have a pic of a 550 going there, maybe in part 2 :)

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AWESOME photos

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Thank you!


Anyways, great photos! It’s pretty cool seeing the A300 flying.

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