Southwest 747-400 and Delta A380-800

Are you trying to be a troll?

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We borh have differnt views of what copy right is

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If that picture is copyright where is the sign

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I don’t know if the photo is copyrighted. The author may have deemed it fine to reproduce for all I know. He could have put the photo online and a little notice on the bottom saying that the image was his and could not be reproduced. He could have put the copyright notice on another portion of his website, image uploading host, etc. You have to do some investigative work if you’re going to look into it. If I feel too lazy to do investigative work, I give credit to the person who created it if it doesn’t have a little bar or watermark on it saying who made it. I’ll go back later and have a look and if I see anything along the lines of “copyright”, I remove it. If I don’t see anything, then I assume (s)he doesn’t mind and I’ll leave the credit on the bottom.

Id amagine billions of copyright infringements unoticed every year like on social media all the people who repost memes and pictures other people have created

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Copyright is Copyright, and that’s that! What you think of it doesn’t change
change the law @Blackbird71
As @Boeing707 is saying sometimes you have to accept that and deal with it!
Cheers :)

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Are memes copyrighted in the first place?

No one is forcing you not to steal a photo. You sure can do it, but it’s not the right thing to do. And the fact that billions of people have done this does not make it ok for you to do it.

Your choice if you wish to listen or not-It’s not morally right to take someone’s photo and re-use it without credit or whatever they mandate must be done to give them credit. Doesn’t matter who does it or how many people do it, that doesn’t make it right.

I dont care but the fact billions of other people do that and the fact the perosn that made the photo posted it to google for people to share it with people. They would laugh at this whole thing

If you go to Google Images and click “Search Tools” you’ll see this:

It doesn’t matter what you think of the law. Wrong is wrong, and the rules on this forum are no different. You can go here to see the consequences of copyright infringement.

Or I’ll just point out the most important ones if you’re not going to visit that link anyway.

  1. $200 to $150,000 for each work infringed.
  2. The infringer can go to jail.

Need I say more?

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It’s the property of the person who took it.

I suppose they’ll lose their s#it at the person who stole the photo without permission in varying degrees. If it was a simple photo of a dandelion, they likely would send you packing with a $200 fine. If you stole a photo of a snow leopard that the photographer traveled 5,000 mi. to get to in an obscure mountain range (Cue Walter Mitty), then you bet you’re going to get prosecuted to the fullest extent.

It likely started with composers not wanting their work to be stolen/re-used without their permission and once photography and cinematography became things for the common man, the definition of one’s property was extended to their photos and movies.

Well that’s your opinion and you can have that, but many photographers believe that they own their photos.

For example, if you want to use my photo(s), you have to contact me and I will give you conditions/instructions in which to use the photo(s). I won’t charge you anything, but I will need some recognition/credit somewhere because you certainly didn’t take the photo.

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It doesn’t matter how you or anyone else thinks it should be. It’s. the. LAW! What @Boeing707 is saying is completely correct. I can’t believe we’re still discussing copyright law on a spotting thread…

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