Southwest 747-400 and Delta A380-800


Heres some pictures.


These aren’t real planes are they?!
Also, be careful where you got them from, you need permission to post some photos!
Thanks! :) ;)


Ok i will next time.


No Worries my friend, Just a tip! 😃


@Blackbird71…be careful with pictures like that,that arent true representation of an airlines…when i first joined IFFG…i did something like this and go a knock on my knuckles…so i removed them…just saying


The A380 looks so beautiful in that livery!


Thos pictures are fake but they look to real to be true.


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Hey! You’re right they don’t! In fact they are rather against getting them!
That’s also why Virgin Atlantic may not, seen as Delta own 49% of them!
:) ;)


They don’t. It’s the magic of photoshop.

Long live the DC-9!


Please be careful about what pictures you post. Only pictures that YOU OWN or that YOU have the authority to post are allowed.


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It does actually…


All the millions of times this happens every day. People post there for a reason


That means nothing. It is still wrong and against the law.


Oh so if i take a picture of a coco cola can im breaking the kaw


As I understand it (I’m not a lawyer) you took the picture so it’s yours to post.


Are you trying to irritate people…
Sometimes you can be a good poster and sometimes it seems like you’re just trying to irritate/piss people off.

You can take a picture of ANYTHING that doesn’t say “Don’t take photo” and you have the rights to that photo. Do whatever you want with it.

If you take someone else’s photo of a coke and slap your watermark on it and post it everywhere, THAT is illegal and the original photographer can ask you to take the photo down or even take legal action.


What is the point of the image section on google


Its sad people cant take a joke. Like these pictures i got from google. Only an ignorant person would upload a photo to google images and not expect people to get the image and use it for something.