Southwest 737 or Delta 737

In terms of the 737 planes. Which would you prefer…delta or southwest

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Southwest… Fly the fleet weekly for work trips!



Southwest :)

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  • Delta
  • Southwest

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Lol the only person who likes delta

Delta. They have newly updated vod’s and split winglets.

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WN is having some of their 738s outfitted with split scimitars. Some already have them IIRC


Delta has the lead now 😂. You’re not alone :)

A tie now :)

The liveries on Southwest are way cooler.

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Some. Delta has mostly vod’s nowadays. Southwest is friendly though. 🙃

Delta’s 737-800 was decent when I flew one (My only 737 flight surprisingly :) ). Nothing exactly notable about it, but that was shortly after the NW-DL merger. Things might’ve changed.

Never flew Southwest but I’ve heard great tales about them.

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Will try out WN in a month and a half’s time. Will be able to make a fair/educated/first-hand XP comparison between them and DL then.

Work flys me Southwest, but when I fly myself. I would pick Delta because of the first class.

Southwest, it’s got that funny flight attendent and that rapping one.

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Well they used to have 727s but their 737s are beautiful in any livery, brown livery, normal livery and heart livery😍

True, their first class is amazing. Also, delta recently go their first 737-900 with split scimitar winglets