Southwest 737 KDEN-KLAX

Hello IFC and welcome back to my Grind!! Today I did a flight from KDEN-KLAX in the southwest 737-700.
Flight time: 1:47
Landing FPM: -102
Call sign: Southwest 1013
Here are the photos if you’re still here

At KDEN, loading the passengers.


Rotatation! Yesterday we took Centerline 001 class, it obviously payed off.

Cruise at FL330 (I couldn’t think of anything funny to put here so just laugh)

Our butter landing! If you look closely, you can see a person in the window asking “did we land yet??”

Parked at KLAX, passengers WALK off the plane satisfied (hey, there’s a first time for everything)
Which one was your favorite?

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Thanks for viewing and cya next time!


I liked all of them,I’ll sub to your channel

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Wonderful shots

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Thank you!!

Thank you!

Love the shots

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Nice pics! Might I ask what your flaps setting were for takeoff?


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed

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Thanks! I always put them on 5 for Boeings

I would recommend 10 degrees as a go to degree for the 737 for takeoffs

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Good to know, thanks