Southwest 737 EMERGENCY landing

I was flying from KSFO of course to KSQO short flight but biggy
but when I this video Emergency no flap landing! B-737-700 into LAX - YouTube
I decided to do the same thing only in INFINITE flight
737 EMERGENCY no flap landing - YouTube
made with Imovies
built-in recorder
Boeing 737-700

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Not the First Flight I’ve seen no Flaps. An American 738 from Bermuda no-flaps landed at KJFK a couple years ago.

And by the way, I wouldn’t consider No Flaps an emergency.

But wonderful work nonetheless pulling it off.

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no it’s because when i saw that video about southwest landing with no flaps
i decided to do a remake in infinite flight

It is absolutely an emergency. It drastically changes the landing characteristics of the plane, and it means you have to have to have a significantly higher landing speed, so losing control on the ground is more likely, overruns are more likely, brake fires are more likely, it can go way wrong. No flaps is an emergency in every way…

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