Southwest 737 collides with aerobridge in Boston

Southwest, the blue one with the heart, it’s “the original” American low-cost carrier and arguably their best. However, yesterday the wind of the extreme wind got the better of one of their 737’s.

The aircraft, who was sitting at Bostan Logan Airport, Massachusetts overnight was forced into the aerobridge after 125km/h winds pushed the jetliner forward. No one was on board at the time and only the wing made contact with the jetbridge. What’s interesting is, Southwest is refusing to say if the aircraft was damaged or not, from photos, it looks like the jetbridge has scraped the wing of the aircraft. Due to the strong winds, a roof of a Delta hanger at the airport was also blown off. The aircraft’s flights were cancelled and as far as we know it remains in Boston with engineers.

The aftermath of the collision full photo credit


Looks fine. Id still fly it.


There’s always damage after a collision I believe. Probably the amount of repair varies, sure, but damage will exist most certainly.

Thanks for sharing!


Erm…ok…this is unusual - a plane crash on the ground that isn’t the fault of any humans - but the weather (which usually causes crashes/accidents in the air rather than on the ground)

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That is why it’s a good idea to make sure all the wheels are chocked during high winds

Jeez I’m in Boston as we speak. Wind got pretty crazy for sure.

99% sure there are damages to the lower wing skin. And even if there was no damage, still the area must be properly assessed by an engineer to make sure the aircraft is still airworthy.

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Obviously, yes.

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